MARWIS (Mobile Advanced Road Weather Information Sensor) is the first vehicle-mounted sensor to measure road conditions, temperature, humidity and other real-time measurement parameters.


Moisture, whether liquid or frozen, has a direct effect on the braking performance (friction values) on the runway. Measuring them increases security at the airport and their documentation gives the airport traceability. The MARWIS can be used on Follow-Me vehicles as well as on winter maintenance vehicles in order to minimize the spread rate after icing and remaining de-icing. For this purpose, the MARWIS can be integrated into existing winter service measurement networks. Likewise, the MARWIS can communicate directly with the controls of the winter maintenance vehicles.


  • Data transmission via Bluetooth, RS485 or CAN bus
  • Dynamic, mobile real-time data up to 100 times per second and a max. output rate of 10 Hz.
  • Multifunctionality
  • Measurements both on the ground and in the ambient air
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Free MARWIS Calibration, Data View and Data Transfer App – available on the Google Play Store or on Apple iTunes
  • Different version for different installation heights




Measurement Parameters:

Road surface condition (dry, wet, ice-covered, snow-covered, critically wet, chemically wet), road surface temperature, air temperature, water film height up to 6mm, dew point temperature, relative humidity, % ice, friction (calculated)

Measuring Technology:

Optical LED transmitters, photodetectors, pyrometers, infrared

Product Highlights:

Mobile, plug-and-play, 100 measurements per second with max. output rate of 10Hz, multi-functional, real-time thermal mapping, wireless data transmission


Bluetooth, RS485, CAN-Bus

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