Precise towing thanks to the remote control



Drive system

2 AC drive motors
3 pulse controls


48V 480Ah lead-acid batteries

Battery charger

HF charger 48V 50Ah with charge level indicator and power conservation device with cell balancing, 380V main power


Holding oil multi-disc brake


Forward and backward:
approx. 0 – 12 km / h
2-stage, regulation via joystick


For aircraft up to approx. 50.000 kg, 110.000 lbs
Max. loading: 5.500 kg, 12.125 lbs
Empty weight: 3.350 kg
dimensions: LxWxH 3.35 x 2.59 x 0,63 m
ground clearance: 136 mm


Remote control
With 2 finger joysticks (forward and backward / left and right)
Operator button for the landing gear bracket, fast and creep speed, light, safety operating

Landing gear bracket

Electric hydraulic landing gear bracket:
– complete electrical guided lifting and holding hydraulic
– hydraulic door opening and closing system
– ramp hydraulic for different wheel diameter
– rotatable draw roll
– wheel hold system for safety anti output
– wheel down holder landed for single and double landing gear wheels
– safety system anti uncontrolled opening of the door opener
– max. landing gear width 570 mm
– lifting height 140 mm

Tire equipment

2 piece drive wheels, solid rubber, heavy duty, 225-75R10
2 steering wheels, heavy duty, 400 x 4

Adapted for

Beechcraft, Cessna, Challenger, Embraer, Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker

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