Move your helicopter safely and quickly



Drive system

Electric engine with differential axis, 24V 1.2 kW
Two drive wheels, high traction because the center of weight is introduced near of the drive axle
pulse control


4 x 12 V 135 AH lead-acid battery

Battery charger

Integrated HF charger 230/24V 18A with charge level indicator and battery sustainment function


Spring power brake magnetic 16 Nm/24V


Forward and backward:
approx. 0 – 6 km / h


For helicopter till approx. 3.600 kg/ 4.500 kg
dimensions: L x W 5.99m x 1.36m


Mechanical steering:
Heavy duty double joint wheels,
single load till 2000 kg, 360° rotatable.
Steering over a steering handle

Helicopter adapter/
hydraulically lifting system

Parallel mounting frame with four hydraulic cylinders.
Level compensation through individually controllable lifting and lowering for a need-based position of the helicopter.
Side stability through continuous and telescoping transverse frames, screenless linear adjustment.
Universally adjustable transverse frames and adapter for helicopter docking. Freely adjustable, rolls guided and quick-clamping or quick-lifting device. Skids guide with plastic adapter

Details on the helicopter lifting system

Quick release clamping mechanism

This type of lifting system is freely adjustable, roller-guided and equipped with a quick-release clamping mechanism. The runner guide is provided with a plastic holder.


Quick lifting mechanism

Also this type of lifting system is freely adjustable and roller-guided.
It has a quick release lifting mechanism. Here, too, appropriate plastic mounts are used on the runners.


Additional Equipment

  • Electric steering
    Double swivel castor with vertical steering knuckle guidance. Steering lever system with tie rods. Electric steering push spindle drive, steering is via rocker switch on the steering horn
  • Remote Control
    Radio remote control with 2 joysticks (forwards and backwards / left – right)
    Control buttons for lifting systems, fast and creep speed, safety operation

Adapted for example for:

  • Airbus Helicopters AS350, EC120, EC130, EC135, H135, EC145, H145, BK117
  • Bell B206B, B206L, B407
  • Agusta A119

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