HOTSPRAY Deicer is a portable pressure vessel for electrical heating of de/anti-icing fluids.


  • Lightweight – only 5kg Empty-weight
  • Fast heating with 350W heating element
  • High Quality – Stainless Steel Container
  • With compressed air connection
  • Easy to handle
  • Useable for deicing fluids type I, II, II or IV




The electrical heated unit is easy to transport and can be connected to a power socket (regular: CEE 16A – 230V) to heat up fast. It’s isolation holds the temperature of the deicing fluid for a sufficient time. Useful for a number of deicing fluids, especially for type I aircraft deicer or the LNT Solutions runway deicer GEN3.


  • Airports: Ground Units, Passenger Stairs
  • General Aviation: Deicing of smaller aircrafts
  • Helicopter: Rotor-blades
  • Railways: Steps, Wheel case, Couplings, Rail switches
  • Industry: Stairs, Units, Movable Parts
  • Truck Fleet: Connections, Bodies
  • Construction Machinery: Bodies, Steps, Paths

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