Runway closed – visible from afar for approaching aircrafts

Do you have to perform maintenance work on the runway? According to international regulations, the runway is to be marked with 36m x 9m crosses.

However, these are complex to design – labor-intensive and time-consuming. If, on the other hand, you only have to carry out short-term repairs or do not want to keep moving the large crosses, then the runway closure marker is the right choice for you.

  • Simply set up the trailer and switch it on – done. Within a few minutes, by one person.
  • Different types and strengths of light for runway day / night mode and taxiways.
  • Very easy handling.
  • Including many safety features.
  • Optionally with mobile radio for fault and status reports.

In October 2020, flight tests were carried out at the special airport Oberpfaffenhofen for a basic functional test of the barrier cross, and in June/ July 2021 further flight tests will be carried out to determine the optimal luminosity.


Note: The pictures show the prototype that was built for functional tests and light intensity tests. The final runway closure marker will differ in appearance and design.

Technical Data – Runway Closure Marker


  • Custom product with special corrosion protection against runway de-icing fluids
  • Standard 50mm ball coupling, other couplings on request
  • German Road Traffic Regulations Approval


for at least 12 hours of operational readiness


17 LED lamps with lighting (patent pending):

  • Automatic day / night switching
  • Switching between runway (white, high luminosity) and taxiway (yellow, low luminosity)
  • Luminosity over 70,000cd
  • Runway mode: full light intensity at a 10 ° angle, then sharply sloping so as not to dazzle other aircraft
  • Taxiway mode: luminosity at an angle of 30 ° so that aircraft approaching can see it.
  • Flashing duration 2.5 seconds on / off


  • Bar length 6 meters
  • Painting in yellow colour
  • Automatic setup and alignment on 5 ° approach (patent pending)

Handling/ Operation

  • Very simple, intuitive operation
  • Symbols instead of writing (international)


Possibility to send messages via mobile radio via SMS messages regarding

  • Regular status reports
  • Error reports
  • Failure of the device

The product sheet can be downloaded here