With Special Melt you can deice surfaces fast, efficient and material-compatible.


SpecialMelt is a liquid de-icer for specific uses, in which road salt and other salts aren´t allowed- ideal for airport requirements, where ground equipment and airplanes have to be equally protected against corrosion.

It is non-polluting ( completely  biological degradable), non-corrosive and distinctly more powerful than conventional de-icer.

What customers appreciate on SpecialMelt:

  • not aggressive, highly effective de-icing fluid
  • rapid melting effects
  • compatible with almost all material, not causing corrosion
  • biological very well degradable




  • polyol based, undyed, liquid de-icer with 88% drug concentration
  • completely biological degradable according to OECD-Test
  • no environmentally damaging or toxic additives
  • Application without residue
  • Usable with any sprayer
  • Low application temperature
  • Rapid melting effects (7 times higher than conventional road salt)
  • High capability due to increase the viscosity while low temperature
  • long protected period before new icing
  • storage-stable from -30 to +40° C
  • minimum durability of 2 years (stored in original packaging)
  • compatible with almost all material (synthetics, coatings, building materials, metal, stainless steel)

Intended purpose:

  • de-icing galvanized stairs, concrete area, treadmills

Compatible with HOTSPRAY :

The most efficient de-icing is heat. Therefore we recommend the use of the HOTSPRAY, which heats the SpeicalMelt up to 50°C and deice in a high efficient way.

Here you can find more information about the HOTSPRAY.

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