Skipperis setting the boundaries in safety management.

Skipper’s multifunctional, multi-surface range of patent protected products have been designed from the ground up for health and safety.


The integrated solutions are regnised worldwide as the industry standard in safety management, and there’s no surface they can’t attach to. The full suite of versatile products encompasses solutions for outside, inside and waste & safety management.

Skipper’s wide range of accessories also allow you to wrap around pillars, attach to magnetic surfaces, screw to walls, clamp to racking and suction to high gloss and glass surfaces.
No other product on the market offers the same level of value and versatility. Using Skipper reduces risk, increases operational efficiencies and allows business to be health and safety compliant – it really is the total safety management solution.

The Skipper range of outdoor safety products are designed to create safe working environments.

  • 9m (30ft) of high visibility retractable tape
  • different color options for tape and unit
  • sold as a two-part system for improved transport and storage
  • available with additional equipment (waste management, safety light, sign holder and different holders)
  • making it the most cost-effective
  • easy to use barrier on the market





Below you will find an extract from the accessories. All available equipment can be found in the detailed product catalog at the end of this page.



Magnetic receiver clips

Safety Dispenser

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