Dekal Load banks was founded in 1997 and is currently the leading manufacturer of digital portable load banks and power analysers for testing and servicing of Ground Power Units GPUs) for civil and military aviation. We are specialized in development and production of 400Hz AC, 28,5V DC and 270V DC load banks, power analysers, various cable testers and other testing equipment.

Since the launch of the first load bank, our development efforts are always concentrated on rethinking the simple load bank in precise and powerful measuring instrument. Our load banks are the only products on the market of its kind to offer a complete power analyses with printout report option for every testing procedure.

Our design features are compatible with workshop and airside operations, simple-user friendly handling and rugged construction are decisive advances of our testing equipment against similar products available on the market. Every product being manufactured comes out of our production line in a high-quality aluminium transport casing; being constructed fully by our own capability.

Dekal Load Banks is the preferred supplier approved by major airlines, ground handlers and GPU manufacturers worldwide.

DEKAL-Load Banks