CHOCKS NG-L – NEW GENERATION 20 years of experience in sales and development of aircraft chocks are now increasing a complete new development and new generation of Aircraft Chocks. They combine the advantages of the polyurethane material with a completely new process of combination of different materials. We also continue to offer our previous Chocks size L for you.

Never again worry about the safe position of the aircraft – our new generation chocks hold the aircraft reliably in its position.

Are you afraid that your plane could start rolling despite the chocks? Are you annoyed about the high wear and tear on your chocks? You are not sure or cannot tell whether the chocks are already on the tire? Have your aircraft chocks been stolen before?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions before, you’ve come to the right place. Our New Generation Chocks (NG-L) are the perfect answer: 

  • Reliable grip even on slippery surfaces
  • Special polyurethane – very wear-resistant, does not splinter, resistant to chemicals such as de-icing fluids
  • Visible from afar, available in all colors
  • Unmistakable: engraving of an individual logo or the aircraft identification
  • Optimal fit for the tireSuitable for all aircraft wheels from general aviation to large-capacity aircraft




  • Dimensions: height 165mm x width 185mm x length: from 250mm to 1.000mm
  • Underside made of soft polyurethane (PUR) with a sharp-edged profile that holds reliably even on smooth surfaces
  • Top made of very hard PUR, which is not squeezed together even under high loads.
  • 45 ° incline, in accordance with the recommendations of SAE AIR4905, for optimal support of the wheel.
  • Cross grooves also ensure a better hold.
  • The top and bottom are permanently sealed together.
  • Passages for weight reduction and for easier handling by the staff

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Here you can read all the information in the product sheet:

Made of high-quality polyurethane – available in the color of your choice and with logo imprint.


Aircraft Chocks from Weyer made of polyurethane (PUR) are compared to rubber or wood variants: 

  • Lighter
  • Splinter-free
  • More visible
  • More stable
  • More durable 

The mixture makes the difference: Our chocks are made from high-quality raw materials. The right quality is crucial: if the chock is too soft, it squeezes under the aircraft tire, if it is too hard, it slips away. Thanks to our new design with an integrated central bar, we achieve a high level of stability that almost excludes any deformation of the chocks. The central block made of solid material prevents squeezing and rolling over.




You have the choice: 

  • Standard carrying rope
  • Reflective carrying rope
  • Desired color
  • Logo imprint or text engraving

You can order standard versions online here

CHOCKS S – Ideal for General Aviation

… and to secure your GSE-Equipment 

Airplane Chocks of size S – for small aircrafts, business jets and GSE equipment. If chocks are only used for general aviation, smaller models can also be used. They are particularly light and are held together in pairs with a cast rope. These chocks also have a angel of 45 ° for optimal contact with the tire. The same wheel chocks can also be used with GSE devices – airlines are increasingly demanding that GSE devices have to be secured with chocks.  Dimensions / properties: 

  • 75 x 80mm with a length of 200mm
  • Connected in pairs with rope
  • With logo or lettering on request

You can order standard versions online here

Chocks XS – the smart solution for ultralight aircrafts and aircraft with wheel cover

The size XS aircraft chocks are made of two different components: The underside is made of a soft polyurethane that provides a good grip on the ground; the top is made of the usual hard polyurethane so that the chock is not rolled over. Due to its low height, this version is ideal for ultralight aircraft and aircraft with wheel cover. The carrying rope is already cast into the chocks.





Dimensions: height 45mm x width 45mm x length 150mm Weight: 350g / pair 

The advantages at a glance:

  • Made from 2-component PUR – hard on top, soft on the bottom
  • Very non-slip – holds the aircraft securely in place, does not float when it rains
  • Visible from afar due to the yellow color
  • Very wear-resistant
  • Practical: connected in pairs with rope

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