Sollau Magnetic Sweeper

– Safety on the runway, taxiway and apron –

Why are magnetic sweepers needed?

Over time, many small parts are lost on the apron and runway – screws, pieces of equipment, whisk wires, etc.
Sweeping does not always remove these items, especially if the runway is grooved or has bumps or crevices where these items can hide.
Here the Sollau Magnetic Sweeper reliably retrieves the parts.
The devices can be used as individual devices for the apron and can also be connected together for a wider clearing width for the runway and taxiways.

Advantaves of the magnetic sweeper:

  • Also pulls magnetic parts out of joints and countersinks
  • Suitable for apron and runway
  • Low-maintenance – very simple mechanics
  • Usable for normal apron cars
  • Flexible clearing width by combining several devices


Technical Data

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  • Lighting – Optimum illumination of the work surface
  • GPS module – for device location, data on operating time, position, total distance driven, maximum and average speed, total cleaning time, area treated and much more
  • FOD box – for convenient collection (during cleaning) of accumulated FOD
  • Containers for collected FOD – 2 boxes attached to the sweeper frame
  • Handbrake for safe parking
  • Laser direction indicator – for exact cleaning routes
  • Special surface treatment according to customer requirements (e.g. surface protection against certain de-icing fluids)

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