Get fast and relaxed to your destination

Via Guide – our partner since 2006 is the specialist for passenger guidance and management. High quality and short delivery times, everything Made in Germany.

The program includes:

Beltrac – directing, guiding, separating

In conjunction with the belt posts, dividing wall systems and signage wayfinding, a clear routing helps passengers to find their way around and check-in quickly.

QTrac – electronic Solutions

Effective passenger control with automatic assignment to open counters, waiting time displays, intelligent doors that open or close based on the filling level of the lining. Randomizers optimize the person control with a random generator that cannot be manipulated. Detailed live statics fill levels will be provided to the management for an optimized flow.

JetTrac – security solutions for the apron

For so-called walkboarding options, i.e., boarding a plane without passenger bridges, Via Guide offers everything that helps to ensure safety and organization to the aircraft.

After sales – your safety

Staff shortage? No time? We take care of your lining. Even after the sale, via maintenance contracts or individual requirements.