De-icing convenient, quick and easy – with products from WEYER


Do you know that too?

  • De-icing is tedious. In winter, when the temperature is below zero, you have to go out with a snow plow, broom and road salt bucket to get the stairs free of ice.
  • As soon as the road salt has been applied, the area that has been laboriously cleared freezes again.
  • After winter the rude awakening: Corrosion on stairs and equipment.

You don`t like this? We have something against it: the HOTSPRAY compressed air sprayer with the appropriate surface de-icing fluid.

HOTSPRAY Deicer – quickly and easily

HOTSPRAY Deicer is a portable, electrically heated high pressure sprayer for applying deicing fluids.

NOW NEW: heating element and pump integrated in one

This makes operation much faster and easier and avoids contamination, as the heating element does not have to be replaced by the pump before use.
What our customers appreciate about HOTSPRAY:

  • Ergonomic working due to low weight
  • High wearing comfort thanks to the rucksack frame
  • Best effectiveness through heat, pressure and de-icing fluid
  • Easy to apply using a spray lance
  • High quality – with insulated stainless steel container and built-in heating element
  • Optional with transport trolley
  • With compressed air connection
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for de-icing fluid SpecialMelt and aircraft de-icing fluids type I, II, III or IV


The electrical heated unit is easy to transport and can be connected to a power socket (regular: CEE 16A – 230V) to heat up fast. It’s isolation holds the temperature of the deicing fluid for a sufficient time.

Suitable for many de-icing fluids, especially for aircraft de-icing fluid type I, but also surface de-icing fluids.
The device can be supplemented with interesting options:

  • Extendable extension lance made of fiberglass composite – so you can easily de-ice rotor blades, for example
  • different nozzles – the right nozzle for every application
  • Transport trolley – for easy pulling or pushing of the hotspray
  • Backpack carrying frame – so you can carry the pressure vessel comfortably on your back


  • Airports: Ground Units, Passenger Stairs
  • General Aviation: Deicing of smaller aircrafts
  • Helicopter: Rotor-blades
  • Railways: Steps, Wheel case, Couplings, Rail switches
  • Industry: Stairs, Units, Movable Parts
  • Truck Fleet: Connections, Bodies
  • Construction Machinery: Bodies, Steps, Paths

Put an end to the dragging of snow plows, brooms and buckets – you can order the HOTSPRAY directly online here.

Here you can find the product data sheet for download:

Effective de-icing – without the risk of corrosion

SpecialMelt is a liquid de-icing fluid for special applications in which road or other salts cannot or is not allowed to be used – ideal for use at airports, where ground equipment and aircrafts must be protected against corrosion.

It is environmentally friendly (fully biodegradable), non-corrosive and significantly more powerful than conventional de-icing fluids.

What customers appreciate about SpecialMelt:

  • Non-aggressive, highly effective de-icing fluid
  • Very good melting effect
  • Long protection against re-icing
  • Very good material compatibility, does not cause corrosion
  • Very readily biodegradable


  • Polyol-based, colorless, aqueous de-icing fluid with approx. 88% active ingredient concentration
  • Completely biodegradable according to the OECD test
  • No environmentally damaging or toxic additives
  • Residue-free in use
  • Can be used with any sprayer
  • Very low application temperature
  • High melting capacity (7 times higher than conventional road salt)
  • High performance by increasing the viscosity at lower temperatures
  • Long protection against re-icing
  • Storage stable from -30 to +40°C
  • Minimum shelf life of 2 years in the closed original container
  • Great material compatibility with almost all materials (plastics, coatings, building materials, metals, N and stainless steel)

Purpose of use:
De-icing of galvanized stairs, concrete surfaces, treadmills

Compatible with HOTSPRAY: 

The most efficient de-icing is heat. We therefore recommend using the HOTSPRAY, with which the SpecialMelt can be heated to 50°C and defrosted very efficiently.

Become curious?
You can find more details about the product here.