Load Banks for Ground Power Units



Aircraft ground power units are usually operated with little load. The result: The diesel engine fouled and needs to be burned free with higher load (resistance). Therefore Load Banks are used.

The load banks are equipped with individually switchable resistors and therefore they are also suitable for smaller GPUs.
For burning usually 80% of the nominal power of a GPU is enough.

The load banks are mobile and also for setting permanently installed equipment very suitable.


  • Simple operation suitable for non-trained operators
  • Suitable for workshop and/or airside operation
  • Transport casing with pull up handle as standard for each load bank
  • Free DEKAL licensed software application included




The devices are available in different power levels and versions:

  • Power 400Hz: 32 – 144 kVA
  • Power 28V: 300 – 2500A (engine start simulation)

All devices are equipped with analog or digital displays.
Depending on the version, there is also the option of retrieving and storing the measurement results via USB or WiFi on a tablet, smartphone or laptop.


Analog (AP): Reading by an analog pointer display. Easy handling.


Digital Panel (DP): Reading by digital display. Easy handling.

Dekal USB

Digital USB (DU): Digital operation. Measurement data transmission via USB possible.

Digital WifFi (DW): Digital operation. Measurement data transmission via USB or WiFi possible.

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