What customers appreciate about WEYER

If you are looking for a supplier or partner, who is known for

– Reliability

  • always keeps his promises and his word
  • always available to you if you need help

– Knowledge

  • has a lot of experience in the airport area,
  • Understands airport and operational processes
  • Aircraft and runway de-icing specialist

– After sales

  • He also looks after his customers after the sale,
  • You can always reach him through his 24h on-call service
  • unobtrusive but always present
  • and simply referred to as exemplary,

– Sales Service

  • giving honest advice, even beyond its product
  • Sees the overall picture and not just fast sales,
  • fair, credible and friendly in dealing,
  • shows a high self-initiative with an active support,
  • is considered innovative in solution approaches,
  • stands for a high quality

– Dealership

  • perfectly networked in the market and works as a door opener for new products
  • successful and persistent,
  • works goal-oriented
  • works with high professionalism,
  • offers a high level of service to you as a manufacturer

you are exactly right at WEYER. That was the summary of subsequent customer and partner voices.

Customer’s Voice

What I really appreciate about you is the always competent and credible advice, the uncomplicated handling and the prompt help by all sorts of problems.

As a successful regional airport, we appreciate the trustful cooperation and how Niklas Weyer helped us with his experience to get a grip on difficult tasks such as pre-boarding.

Since the beginning of our cooperation in 2005 we appreciate Weyer not only as a supplier but also as someone who has always been present whenever we needed support. We highly recommend Niklas Weyer as a reliable partner with very customer-orientated engagement.

We appreciate Mr. Weyer’s expertise in passenger flow management, as well as his holistic view of the processes within the airport, without immediately going into sale. It is the solution orientation in its approaches, coupled with a high-quality product range, in which we know that we are always right with its proven after-sales service. We find the cooperation with Mr. Weyer very pleasant and can fully recommend the company as well as its products.

In the many years of cooperation with Weyer GmbH, we would like to thank you for the very good, well-practiced after-sales service. With Mr. Weyer promises and pledges are being kept. Attainable at any time, unobtrusive and nevertheless present, with a high professional competence we appreciate the honest advice, which also goes beyond their own program. Furthermore, we greatly appreciate that Weyer is always willing to constantly improve the product range, approaching customers in order to gather the necessary information. This creates win-win situations for both sides, which means great benefit to both parties.

Cologne-Bonn Airport has been working well with Weyer for decades. We value the extensive knowledge in the airport area, in particular the expertise in the airport and equipment management. That is why Weyer is also our point of contact for individual solutions that require special knowledge. Important for us is the high degree of reliability and that Weyer can be reached for us at any time, even after the sale he takes care of whenever something may come up. If we needed help, we have always felt to be in good hands.

Over 30 years ago, in your first year in the market, we came to know each other as a supplier and train-the-trainer for your products, long before this was the norm in the market. Back then and today, the team leaders have been very impressed by your open and honest nature, the service that we have always been informed about novelties, even with changed regulations, a service and advice that go far beyond the product. You are not the typical, pure seller. We have always shown you great trust and felt to be in good hands. For new products, you also wanted to test yourself, like a good craftsman, who also wants to understand his product. For the cooperation we are very grateful, you have always been with words and deeds to the side.

For many years you support our company and workshop with a great support for the products we have bought. This remarkable collaboration enables us to solve the problems of our customers. We would like to say thank you.

We can only say the best about the cooperation with Weyer. Niklas Weyer and his team are characterized by their outstanding commitment, customer-oriented solutions and, above all, by their high degree of reliability.

Our very good and trustful cooperation in the past was one of the major key points for the successful ascent of our airport as a provider in aircraft de-/anti-icing of aircraft on the ground. If necessary, we always were be sure, to get help and information by Niklas Weyer around the clock, 7 days a week during icing seasons. His understanding in technical and operational things is exemplary and always highly appreciated by our team.

The name “Weyer” is deeply engraved by Lufthansa Technik AG and stands for high quality, 100% reliability, professional know-how and a fair business partnership.

Weyer has professionally assisted us in various areas, but especially in aircraft deicing, as a reliable partner with words and deeds. … Here Weyer has always shown that the after sales service is in no way inferior to the sale.

Outstanding is your help even after the sale, your after-sale service is exemplary, absolutely reliable and what is no longer common today: you have always stood by your word and made these new operations possible with skillful initiative.

As a customer, we always had the feeling that we were well looked after by you and we were able to trust you. … We especially appreciate your reliability. Commitments are always kept, we do not know empty promises from you.

Over the years, a lot of different suppliers have introduced themselves, but due to the risk of losing the current reliability and service, which is so important on this matter, we have always decided to keep Weyer as supplier.

Through your constant commitment to fully responding to your customers’ needs, as well as your high level of expertise and reliability, working with you over the years has not only been and will be business-friendly, but also a climate of trust and confidence of friendship.

What we appreciate about you is the unobtrusive, but always present service, almost like an all-round carefree package that always thinks of us and – as we know for many others – is an important source of information. You have earned your good reputation on the market over the years: You can tell that you have grown up as a de-icing specialist with the products and have always closely accompanied the development. In practice as well as in committees, such as in the SAE G12 working group.

Partner’s Voice

… der Erfolg hat uns Recht gegeben: Innerhalb von nur 8 Jahren sind wir von Null zum Marktführer aufgestiegen. Du hast als Türöffner funktioniert und auch hartnäckig Dich nicht zurückschrecken lassen. Ihr seid für uns ein wichtiger Innovationstreiber.

Ich habe gesehen, mit wieviel Herzblut und Begeisterung Du immer wieder nach Niederlagen daran gearbeitet hast, das gute Enteisungsmittel GEN3 zum Erfolg zu bringen, auch gegen subjektive Vorurteile und falsche Behauptungen. Vielen Dank an Dich und die Erfahrung, die wir gemeinsam machen durften.

Der deutsche Mittelstand braucht Unternehmer mit Visionen. Niklas Weyer kenne und schätze ich seit vielen Jahren als jemanden, der mit innovativen Ideen und außerordentlicher Fachkompetenz sein Unternehmen führt. Er steht für die Werte des inhabergeführten Mittelstands wie Zuverlässigkeit, Vertrauen und Qualität.

We have always been very satisfied with the cooperation and can recommend Mr. Weyer as a representative in the airport business without restrictions.

Where targets have been set Weyer GmbH have always met or exceeded expectations.

I am particularly pleased with; The professional attitude provided by you and your staff both at your office and the recent Inter Airport show in Munich Good attention to detail, you want to understand the whole story- I feel you are hungry to be successful and share our objectives to penetrate the runway de-icing market in Europe

Your marketing overview clearly defines areas of information we need to develop a good market positioning
Excellent contacts; you have been as good as your word in providing us with leads with key decision makers in European airports Inter Airport proved a strong base for this project, I was impressed with the number of visitors to your stand, especially with what seemed to be a low overall attendance for the show as a whole

Niklas was a key member of our marketing team for launching the European sales campaign for this new product line… Based on our company’s experience with Niklas, I would highly recommend his services as a sales representative in Europe for any company in the aerospace and airport facility industries.

The cooperation with Weyer Indutec has been the success key to enter the very difficult German market and get a strong position in the German speaking countries.

Wir waren von Deiner professionellen Vorgehensweise stets positiv angetan. Viele Handelsvertreter können sich von Dir eine dicke Scheibe abschneiden.

We say THANK YOU to our customers

We hereby sincerely thank all below listed and all other customers for their trust. With a large part of these customers, we have a year-long, trusting cooperation, which is part of our daily motivation.


Austrian, Austria
Eurowings, Germany
KLM, Netherlands
Lions Air, Switzerland
Lufthansa, Germany
Luxair, Luxembourg
Private Wings, Germany
SN Airlines, Belgium
Swiss, Switzerland
TNT, Belgium
DHL Express, Köln-Bonn


Altenrhein, Switzerland
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Augsburg, Germany
Basel, Switzerland
Bayreuth, Germany
Bern Alpar, Switzerland
Bremen, Germany
Brussels, Belgium
Charleroi, Belgium
Cologne/ Bonn, Germany
Dortmund, Germany
Dusseldorf, Germany
Enschede, Netherlands
Erfurt, Germany
Fraport, Germany
Friedrichshafen, Germany
Geneva, Switzerland
Giebelstadt, Germany
Graz, Austria
Hahn, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Hannover, Germany
Hof, Germany
Innsbruck, Austria
Kassel, Germany
Kiel, Germany
Klagenfurt, Austria
Köln-Bonn, Germany
Lahr, Germany
Leipzig, Germany
Liege, Belgium
Lübeck, Germany
Magdeburg, Germany
Memmingen, Germany
Mönchengladbach, Germany
München, Germany
Münster-Osnabrück, Germany
Nürnberg, Germany
Paderborn, Germany
Rostock, Germany
Saarbrücken, Germany
Salzburg, Austria
Stuttgart, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Weeze Niederrhein, Germany
Zürich, Switzerland

Ground Handling Agents and others

Acciona, Germany
AeroGround, Germany
Airbus, Germany
Airbus Helicopters, Germany
Aviapartner, Belgium
Aviapartner, Germany
Aviapartner, Netherlands
Bundeswehr, Germany
Coffee Fellows, Germany
DLR, Germany
dnata, Switzerland
EFM, Germany
Fraport Twin Star, Bulgaria
Eindhoven Handling, Netherlands
HiServ, Germany
LEOS, Germany
Losch Airportservice, Germany
Lufthansa Technik, Germany
Maastricht Handling, Netherlands
Menzies, Netherlands
NATO/ NAMSA, Germany
RUAG, Germany
SAEMS Hamburg, Germany
Swissport, Switzerland
UPS, Germany
WISAG, Germany