Thesevery light and robust wands are used by marshallers to guide aircraft on their parking position.


  • Not tiring by the low weight
  • Very economical due to the long battery life
  • Indestructible in daily use by the robust design
  • No scratching the window glass or damage the vehicle while Navigating through the special plastic form.
  • To replace the batteries unscrew the part below the handle and replace batteries or rechargeable batteries.
  • The wands are maintenance free.




  • The lightest wands on the market: only 231g!
  • Unbreakable – made out of plastics and LED light
  • Permanent light
  • Visible on far distance
  • Up to 400 operating hours with 2 –AA-Batteries (not included)
  • Low cost operation
  • Available in red and yellow
  • Length approx. 34 cm

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