Beltrac guidance

 Your customers are about to spend their vacation and are looking forward to the flight. They are certainly not excited about waiting in the queue for too long, rather prefer to drop off of the luggage immediately, check in, pass the security check and then maybe take a look at the shops and relax.

Efficency is our strength. Together with our partner Via Guide we have developed the right concepts for you.

    • We design your lining
      You are an expert in your field, we are an expert in ours. We help you to develop the perfect lining for your needs and requirement that the customers get to their destination with the shortest waiting time as possible. Upon request, you will receive a complete planning document with an order template.
    • We build up the lining for you!
      You may also assemble it yourself, however, we will be happy to deliver everything ready for use. Choose the time you prefer – even in the middle of the night as not to disrupt day-to-day operations.
    • Many years of satisfaction with top quality
      Via Guide products come with a 3-year warantee. At airports, however, you will mostly find products that are even over 10 years old and that – despite the harsh airport environment – still work reliably.

The program is divided into the following categories:

    • Beltrac belt post
      For every purpose there is a right post. Available as short or long version, single or double, single color or individual printing. Upon request, even with security closure and other variable solutions.
    • Beltrac Information
      Perceptible information for your passengers, in shape of a simple lock in frame or a visible roll-able display.
    • Nextrac dividing wall system.
      Beltrac crossbars and filling material such as acrylic glass, aluminum composite panels and banners can be used to divide up areas easily and with minimal effort.
    • Beltrac transport
      Via Guide offers appropriate means of transport for the posts to be transported safe and sound.