The difference between a product and an enthusiastic customer is the service. We help assisting you at all steps involved starting from the planning and ending with the finished solution. Do you know how we became the market leader with Via Guide products within only 10 years? Challenge us!

Take advantage of our know-how

A lining can be planned and constructed in many ways with:

  • Long or short routes for the passengers.
  • Entrances that can be found intuitively or after long searches.
  • Complex outlets where free counters can’t be seen, or on optimized fast flow exits.
  • A fixed design or high flexibility depending on the volume and requirements.
  • Consideration of building characteristics such as columns, tile grids, etc

You are an expert in your field, we are in the planning of linings. We would appreciate assisting you, discussing your requirements and local circumstances with you on site and then develop the optimal lining for your passengers.

You will receive the planning in writing, with your building drawings, together with a broad range of products from which you can choose upon request.

At the same time, you will find a detailed planning that you can hand over to the assembly team for a precise assembly. As a result, the theoretical planning is going to look as planed beforehand.

Let us do the work

Simply building up a few posts isn’t the big task. However, the big challenge lays in completing linings that are newly created or rebuilt, with its magnetic posts, portals and electronics.

Experienced Via Guide assembly teams will be happy to set it up – regardless of day or night. This way, we ensure that the Via Guide systems are properly installed and ready for use without any interruptions in your terminal operations.

Qtrac systems are properly integrated into your IT organization by our specialists. This way a correct connection and alignment of the systems can be granted.

On-site trainings throughout our engineers may be carried us as well upon request.

Our teams are in action on countless airports in Europe. Customers appreciate the punctual and reliable assembly. Contact us for an offer!

We are always there for you, especially after sales

The extraordinary quality of the Via Guide products ensures a high reliability and long product lifetime, however, it is not protected against vandalism, may caused by children playing, dirt or chewing gum.

In order to have a presentable, undamaged lining that perfectly works, Via Guide offers you maintenance contracts in which we check your lining once or twice a year and repair it where necessary. This saves you both time and labor costs.

We offer everything that you requiere

Do you need spare parts for older products? No problem, we will provide it for you.

You can check out at any time the manufacturing year – The label with the serial number and production date on each belt cassette show the exact year.

If the cassettes or belts need to be replaced after many years, you may also reorder them individually at any time.