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Illuminated Runway Closure Marker

It’s hard to believe, but it happens again and again that planes land on closed runways. In order to clearly mark such runways and taxiways as blocked, WEYER has now developed a runway closure marker.

So far, only American models are available that do not meet German standards. WEYER has therefore started a development and has already carried out initial flight tests. LEDs in white and orange were installed for the various applications on runways and taxiways. The flashing lights were arranged at a special angle and can be seen from afar. The LEDs are controlled using a touchscreen remote control.

The closure marker is installed on a standard vehicle trailer. This allows a quick and uncomplicated use. This means that large tarpaulins no longer have to be rolled out in a labor-intensive manner.

Another prototype is currently being built for additional tests.

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Hangar too small? Buy an aircraft tractor! 

There is still space in the aircraft hangar – but the new aircraft is too big, doesn’t fit through the hall gate? There is a simple solution: The Flyer Truck FLT200RC – as a high loader. By lifting the nose wheel, the stern is lowered so that the aircraft can also fit through smaller hangar doors. But that is not the only advantage – the FLT200RC is a very universal tug, remotely controlled and therefore also very maneuverable, which is very useful in the hangar in order to be able to place aircrafts close together. The large wheels also allow driving over thresholds or bumps. 

Technical specifications:

  • Up to 20 MTOW train weight
  • Empty weight: 945kg
  • Speed ​​0-6km/h
  • Radio remote control
  • Chassis width up to 690mm
  • Standard lifting height: 125mm
  • Lifting height up to 750mm
  • Single and double trolleys
  • Electric drive

Privacy guaranteed!

More intensive screening or examinations of passengers can sometimes require a certain amount of shielding. But as it is so often the case, the orders or regulations at an airport often change at short notice. Things are rebuilt or rearranged again and again. It’s good to have a flexible system for such cases. The cabins from the German manufacturer Via Guide provide full flexibility: with a solid structure Beltrac posts and proven NexTrac filling elements. Strongly fixed on the floor with the residue-free removable magnetic plates. In the event of a move or changes within the terminal, the system can be removed quickly without damaging the floor. The cabins are available in all variants, with doors or curtains and in any size. They can also be combined with many other Via Guide products, such as belt posts.
Our picture shows a new cabin at Prague Airport.

NEW: One JetTrac for everything – the new JetCart from Via Guide 

Via Guide has been ensuring orderly boarding with its JetTrac for years. Now they have taken on the topic of how to make walkboarding, i.e. passenger boarding, more efficient – more and more airlines are expecting shorter and more efficient handling. The new Via Guide JetCart has everything on board that is lying around on the apron for this purpose, sometimes this equipment has to be laboriously searched for or can be lost in the wind:

  • Up to 10 chocks are sufficient for all types of aircraft
  • 8 cones to secure all danger spots
  • A FOD container for collecting flying rubbish
  • Broom and shovel
  • Optional: A grit container for oil binding agents or de-icing granulate in winter
  • Optional: fire extinguisher for quick intervention
  • And of course, two JetTrac belt rolls, each 25 meters long, to secure the walkways

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Strong partner even in difficult times 

The corona virus poses great challenges for all of us – in our private as well as in the professional environment. We would like to support our customers and partners to the best of our knowledge and belief, even in these difficult times. Therefore we have adapted our range for you. 
Now you can purchase articles that can protect you, your employees and your customers from infection and ensure the correct distance. Visually appealing sneeze protection walls made of Plexiglas protect against droplet infection. With the belt cassettes and posts from Via Guide, you can define distances and convey clear messages to customers, such as “Keep a distance of 2 meters”, “Wait here” or “Enter one by one”. Belt colors can be selected, individual printing with your desired text is also possible. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We wish you all the best and stay healthy!