The right 400Hz cable for every application

You are looking for a 400Hz cable for your ground power unit (GPU) that

  • withstands the loads for a long time and thus saves you costs
  • is clearly visible on the ground due to its orange color
  • A second inner layer in a different color indicates damage before it becomes a danger
  • have been tested with 4000V and give you maximum security

Then you are exactly right with WEYER.

We offer cables from the Swedish manufacturer Amokabel (by Airpoproducts). These cables are made of very high quality PUR (polyurethane), resistant to chemicals and very durable.

Amocable is used by almost all European GPU manufacturers.

We offer the following cable solutions for you:

  • Cross section 4x50mm including integrated control lines for GPUs with up to 60kVA
  • Cross section 4x70mm incl. integrated control lines for GPUs with 90kVA power per output, straight or twisted
  • Cross-section 7x35mm plus integrated control lines for fixed systems with 90kVA output per output.

You can obtain the most common cables from the Utting warehouse – just ask us!

The graphic below shows the available cables and their properties.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Here you can read all the information in the product sheet: