ZAGtruck gmbh – Flyer-Truck

ZAGtruck gmbh – In 1993 Konrad Zaglauer designed the first motorized hand-held aircraft tractor. This was the cornerstone for “Flyer-Truck”, which 25 years later developed, manufactured and sold aircraft tugs around the world. In 2018 “Flyer-Truck” was taken over by the specialist for special vehicles and vehicle construction ZAGtruck GmbH.

The up-and-coming company from Mühldorf am Inn is continuously expanding its product portfolio and further expanding the electric vehicle division. Around the world, around 400 towing devices are in use for all common aircraft and helicopters in private and business aviation.

Sales representative for Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland.

Handgezogene Schlepper
Business-Jet Schlepper mit offenem Fahrerstand
Business-Jet Schlepper mit Kabine