AMS Airport Service provides an innovative trolley for various applications.


  • Landing Gear Change Dolly for the assembly and disassembly of aircraft tires
  • Aircraft Wheel Cart and Storage



Landing Gear Change Dolly

For the assembly and disassembly of aircraft tires with several hundred kilos of weight, it is necessary to rely on a stable machine. The AMS Aircraft Service Dollies have a very solid construction and enable the change with little effort.

  • Suitable for all aircraft tires of commercial aircrafts
  • Very stable, wide design for secured standing
  • With crane for free swinging
  • Corrosion resistant, even against chemicals such as skydrol
  • High mobility for easy maneuvering

Aircraft Wheel Cart and Storage

Very stable transport trolley for use in the hangar and on the apron. Easy loading, safe standing while driving.

  • Corresponds to the latest GSE requirements
  • High-quality corrosion protection
  • The trolley can be fitted with nitrogen bottles for on-site filling of the tire and suspension strut
  • The Landing Gear Change Dolly can also be transported with this cart.