Noiseless – Wireless

The new standard at airports: Battery-based ground power devices reduce the noise level on the apron, have lower operating costs and can handle several aircraft one after the other – depending on the design/ options.

The battery ground power units from Guinault are characterized by:

  • Power 400Hz / 90kVA on one, optionally also two outputs, optionally with 28Vdc
  • Depending on the version, up to 200kWh available
  • Special lithium-ion batteries offer more capacity than comparable batteries because they can be completely discharged (+ 20% capacity)
  • silent operation
  • Very low running costs
  • Very easy to use




Guinault’s first battery GPU: suitable for aircraft up to 90kVA, i.e. code C aircraft (A320 / B737).

This ground power unit impresses with:

  • Environmental friendliness:
    • quiet in operation
    • 20% higher battery performance than comparable devices
  • Flexibility:
    • 400Hz and 28Vdc (optional) can be used at the same time
  • Digital Features:
    • Current operating data can be called up via smartphone and tablet via WiFi
    • Cellular card and GPS for remote service and monitoring

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