Ground handling made easy – with the JetCart from Via Guide

What is the jetcart?

Via Guide has been ensuring orderly boarding with its JetTrac for years. Via Guide has now taken on the topic of how to make walkboarding, i.e. passenger boarding, more efficient – more and more airlines are expecting shorter and more efficient handling.

The new Via Guide JetCart has everything on board that is lying around on the apron for this purpose, sometimes has to be laboriously searched for or can be lost in the wind:

  • Up to 10 chocks are sufficient for all types of aircraft
  • 8 cones to secure all danger spots
  • A FOD container for collecting flying garbage
  • Broom and shovel
  • Optional: A grit container for oil binding granulate or de-icing granulate in winter
  • Optional: fire extinguisher for quick intervention
  • And of course, two JetTrac belt rolls, each 25 meters long, to secure the walkways

First practical experience by customers

The JetCart was subjected to an initial practical test at Berlin Airport – the reactions from employees were enthusiastic. The FOD container filled so quickly that even a larger container was required.

What is special about the JetCart?

The JetCart can thus contribute to increasing the efficiency and also reducing the costs of walkboarding – there is no time to laboriously search because everything is available on site. For the employees, there is less “towing effort” because everything can be pulled around the aircraft with the cart, which also avoids having to go back and forth, which means that the backup process runs faster.

The cart is available in two different versions: as a purely hand trolley, very light and easy to handle, or with a solid chassis for pulling over greater distances. If the cart remains mostly on the same parking position, the hand cart is recommended. When moving to other positions with long distances more frequently, the trailer version is recommended, which can be pulled at up to 30 km/h.

The cones are held in place by an adjustment rod.

The chocks are sorted by a grid and can be easily taken at any time.




  • Empty weight: handcart 90kg, trailer: 300kg
  • The trailer is supplied with an FOD container as standard
  • Trailer coupling at the rear so that several trailers can be pulled together.
  • Drawbar with handle and drawbar eye 40mm
  • Towing speed: handcart: 6km/h, trailer: 30km/h
  • Options:
    2 pieces of JetTrac rollers
    Up to 10 WEYER chocks of size L or NG-L, length as required
    Up to 10 cones

The JetCart is now available for trials at airports. 
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