How to have your runway cleaned quickly and efficiently, thereby increasing safety for pilots and passengers

When it rains, runways soiled by rubber abrasion can become as slippery as soft soap. Regular and thorough cleaning is essential for safety reasons.

The Berlin company SMETS has used its know-how to develop a special device that is ideally suited to this task. And SMETS offers even more besides runway cleaning.

Professional runway cleaning

SMETS takes care of rubber abrasion removal on your runway without damaging markings, ground lights or joints.

The secret of the vehicles used is the right combination of working pressure, water volume, nozzle type and setting, and rotation speed. To ensure that the runway is available again quickly, Smets cleans at a high speed of 1,200m² per hour. In this way, SMETS ensures the shortest possible closure times on your runway. Even during the work, the runway can be cleared within a very short time if necessary, since the cleaning vehicle can leave quickly at any time.

If required, SMETS also takes over the wastewater disposal. For this purpose, a special container with its own filter system was developed to separate dirt from water.

A service vehicle with friction tester accompanies the cleaning vehicle on every occasion. If desired, corresponding friction measurements can be carried out according to ICAO guidelines before and after cleaning.

You benefit from:

  • All-in-one demarcation and rubber removal package
  • Top runway cleaning and gentle demarcation
  • Efficient sweeping work
  • Special container service for waste and sewage disposal


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