How to have your runway cleaned quickly and efficiently, increasing the safety of pilots and passengers


When it rains runways can become very slippery due to the rubber deposits. Regular and thorough cleaning of the runway is inexplicable for safety reasons. SMETS Technology, located in Berlin, has developed a special device that fulfills this task with gentle surface treatment, including fastest working speed and easiest operation. And SMETS offers even more …




SMETS takes care of cleaning your runway without damaging markings, floor lights or joints. With a highly efficient removal rate of 1,200m² per hour, SMETS has created the ideal device for such operations: the ARC1000. The secret of the vehicles is the right combination of pressure, water quantity, nozzle type and nozzle setting as well as rotation speed.

If required, SMETS also handles the wastewater disposal. For this purpose, a special container with its own filter system was developed to separate dirt from water.

The cleaning vehicle is accompanied by a service car with friction tester during every operation. If required, appropriate friction measurements can be carried out according to ICAO guidelines before and after cleaning.


  • Complete package for runway and surface cleaning
  • Top cleaning performance and gentle demarcation
  • Efficient sweeping
  • Special container service for waste and wastewater disposal
  • Service car with certified friction measurement